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Uttar Pradesh Government Initiates Review of Madrassa Educational Qualifications and Facilities

The Uttar Pradesh government recently issued directives to evaluate teachers’ and staff’s educational qualifications, as well as basic facilities in state-funded madrassas. Ifthikar Ahmad Javed, Chairperson of the Uttar Pradesh Madrasa Education Board, criticized the move, emphasizing the disruptive nature of such investigations on the routine functioning of these institutions.

Javed expressed his concerns, stating that while he has no objections to the investigation, it should be carried out properly to avoid jeopardizing ongoing preparations, particularly with upcoming board exams. He also mentioned that a similar survey was conducted last year, but no action was taken as a result of its findings.

J Reebha, Director of the Minority Welfare Department, urged divisional deputy directors and district minority welfare officers in a letter dated December 1 to ensure essential facilities and qualified teachers in madrassas. The goal is to maintain educational quality by encouraging students to be inquisitive, engaging, and scientific.

The investigation, which is expected to last until December 30, will look into madrassa structures, basic facilities, and the educational records of teaching and non-teaching staff in state-supported madrassas. The findings are expected to be submitted to the Madrasa Education Board’s Registrar.

Currently, Uttar Pradesh has approximately 25,000 recognized and unrecognized madrassas, with 560 receiving state financial assistance. The letter noted that these madrassas lacked adequate facilities, which contributed to a lack of quality, scientific, and modern education, limiting students’ employment opportunities.

Committees comprised of the District Minority Welfare Officer and the District Magistrate have been formed to expedite the process. Additional committees will be formed in districts with more than 20 state-assisted madrassas.

During the September board meeting, Javed expressed concern about the lack of prior information and proposals. He emphasized that the government is free to investigate government-aided madrassas, but he urged caution to avoid disruptions during exam preparations.

In September of last year, the state government conducted a comprehensive inspection of recognized and unrecognized madrassas, revealing that approximately 8,000 madrassas in the state were unregistered. Javed urged that future investigations be well-timed and focused in order to ensure the continued smooth operation of madrassas.

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