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Vipul Patel, Chairman, Managing Trustee, S.N.V. International School, Nadiad expressed the roadmap of S.N.V International School on NEP 2020

“NEP is a policy, and the roadmap is still not entirely clear” said Vipul Patel, Chairman, Managing Trustee, S.N.V. International School, Nadiad at ArdorComm Media Group hosted ‘New Normal – Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2024’ on 10th February 2024 at Crowne Plaza Ahmedabad City Centre, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

How does technology play a crucial role in developing the overall curriculum of the classroom and school in this Digital era?

We live in the era of digitalization and technology, which moves at a much faster rate than any other field. Normally, education should lead the change in society, but technology has advanced so much that education is trying to catch up. Education institutions like mine are striving hard to catch up with technology and make maximum use of it for a better learning experience for both mentors and students. It’s a huge challenge with infrastructure costs and social divides, but if we miss the bus on technology at this point, education will be in serious trouble. So, yes, educational technology has a significant role to play not only in the future but starting from now.

What are the various steps suggested by the NEP to improve infrastructure and facilities in schools?

NEP is a policy, and the roadmap is still not entirely clear on what they actually want to do for schools. However, when NEP talks about holistic, equitable, and inclusive education, technology can play a huge role in achieving these goals. NEP doesn’t explicitly mandate the use of technology, but it outlines what needs to be done, and technology can help us get there.

How far has SNV International School progressed in implementing teacher training processes to improve the curriculum for the children?

Teacher training is crucial in an ever-changing world, especially with the new NEP coming up. Most teachers have studied in an older education system and now need to deliver according to the new standards. Teacher training is paramount for any kind of improvement. At SNV, teacher training is of utmost importance. We conduct both in-house and collaborative training sessions using technology to ensure teachers are well-prepared to deliver better to students.

What is your overall takeaway from this event?

I’ve only seen half of it, but everyone seems to agreeing on many points. However, the devil lies in the implementation. At the micro-level, at the school and classroom levels, much needs to be done. What I’ve learned from today’s summit is how technology can help us achieve those goals.

ArdorComm Media is now celebrating its second year of existence. Any message or suggestion you wish to share with us?

My suggestion would be to bring in more corporate representatives. While there’s a good mix of educators, learners, corporate sectors, and technology, having more corporate input could provide valuable insights on how to achieve our goals. Thank you.

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