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ZEE introduces new tech talent using the metaverse

-By ArdorComm News Network

Over 100 campus graduates from the finest IT institutes throughout India attended ZEE’s first-ever new employee induction on Tuesday, which was held in a metaverse setting.

The onboarding took place at the organization’s recently opened Technology and Innovation Center in Bengaluru, which is tasked with developing the metaverse platform by utilising augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and pertinent data models for its digital platforms. Amit Goenka, President – Digital Businesses and Platforms, and Nitin Mittal, President – Technology & Data at ZEE, were in charge of the endeavour.

“We are imbibing a sharp strategic focus on enhancing our tech capabilities through a confluence of technology, data and talent. As we break new grounds and redefine entertainment by providing robust experiences across platforms, we are delighted to converge ZEE’s collaborative and entrepreneurial culture in the physical and digital realms through an immersive environment such as the metaverse,” said Goenka.

“We aim to provide intuitive experiences across all aspects of an individual’s consumption, creation and transactional journey, and the first-ever metaverse induction program at ZEE, will not only help enhance our employee experience by boosting innovation and productivity, but also our consumer experience by several notches” he added.

The center’s cutting-edge technology solutions and state-of-the-art infrastructure were used to perform the metaverse Induction, providing the new hires with an immersive mixed reality experience.

The company stated that while it continues to serve the worldwide audience and reimagine the future of entertainment by embracing a technology and innovation led approach, it seeks to expand and improve its digital footprint.

According to Animesh Kumar, President – HR and Transformation, ZEE, “As digital transformation continues to accelerate globally, the Technology and Innovation Centre at ZEE will play the lead role in driving the next era of innovation in content consumption.”

“ZEEverse, is another major stride in a string of initiatives launched by the company in recent times towards our internal digital transformation that will enable the organisation to become futureready and win in the emerging digitalised economy.”

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