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100 Hospitals in India Join Hands to ‘Redefine’ Healthcare

QurHealth is a Chennai-based personalized healthcare startup that has successfully onboarded more than around 100 hospitals in four major cities including Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Delhi.

The main aim is to redefine personalized healthcare for patients in India. According to a statement, the partnership has happened in just nine months since the startup’s inception. The company aims to establish itself as a safe and trusted choice for patients and their families for receiving personalised care, online and in-person.

Ravi Kunduru, founder and CEO of QurHealth said, “We are humbled to serve patients in all age groups and enabling them with safe, secure, and compliant access to their personalised caregivers, doctors, and hospitals. We hope to serve 100 million patients as a secure and trustworthy care concierge firm with a network of one million providers and healthcare professionals over the next five years globally.”

Source: News Today




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