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11 lakh railway employees will get a 78-day bonus

Eligible Indian Railways employees will receive their productivity-linked bonus (PLB), which is equal to 78 days’ pay, for the twelfth consecutive year. As the ceiling for calculating wage for PLB is set at Rs 7,000 per month, over 11 lakh non-gazetted employees of the Indian Railways can expect to receive around Rs 17,951 each.

To maintain staff motivation, the railway unions, however, apparently expected a greater bonus amount this time. It is obvious that the employees contributed to the Indian Railways’ ability to load at least 1,418 million tonnes of freight in 2021–22. The unions believe that the workers should receive a higher bonus because of this.

Before Dussehra this year, the workers anticipate receiving a larger bonus now that the festival season has arrived. The Indian Railways had more than two lakh open positions, according to the National Federation of Indian Railwaymen (NFIR), which merely increased the workload and work pressure for the existing staff.

For taking on this extra labour, which helped the Railways generate more revenue, the employees should therefore be compensated. The Railway Board requested the 78-day pay, and the Centre is expected to approve it soon. About 1.156 million non-gazetted railway employees will profit from this PLB for the fiscal year 2021–2022; however, additional expenses of about Rs 2,000 crore will occur.

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