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64% of Indians are confident after receiving two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, not interested in precautionary dose: Survey

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Mumbai: YouGov’s latest survey illustrates the attitudes of urban Indians on the COVID-19 booster dose amid new emerging variants and the fear of a potential fourth wave of the virus. Although 85% of urban Indians have received the COVID-19 vaccine, 11% are still waiting for their second dosage, and 5% have not received the vaccine and do not want to in the future.

A higher proportion (74%) of people who have received the vaccine in both doses demonstrate an unwavering desire to get the booster dose. One in ten people are still doubtful about their choice, and nearly one in five (18%) are reluctant to take another shot. In comparison to tier I cities, tier II-III cities appear to have a higher rate of vaccine reluctance. Perhaps the rising number of cases in major cities and towns is prompting people in Tier 1 cities to protect themselves with an additional dose of the vaccine.

Many people who have received the vaccination in its two doses are inclined to take the booster dose, but when we look at those who do not, the majority of respondents (64%) say that their faith in the vaccine in its two doses is the main reason they do not want to take a precautionary dose. Nearly one in five (19%) reported being afraid of the immediate adverse effects, such as fever, while 17% expressed concern about the supposed long-term side effects of the vaccines (like heart attacks, medical complications, etc). 15% of people have doubts about the booster dose’s efficacy, while 13% admitted they took the first dose of Covid against their will (due to travel or other obligations).

Through the Har Ghar Dastak 2.0 campaign, which launched earlier last month, the Indian government has already administered more than 198.09 (1,98,09,87,178) crore vaccinations against COVID-19. It has also been actively working to improve vaccine coverage among the elderly.

However, many people have not yet received the second dose of the vaccination or have not yet received a booster shot. In response to a question about whether the government should enforce booster dosages due to the rising number of cases, 76% of respondents said yes. Those who said they would without thinking twice take the booster dose demonstrated greater support (90 per cent).

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