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A health-tech startup that helps its patients in understanding prescriptions and also allows the doctor to predict the risk of cardiovascular disease

-By ArdorComm Media Bureau

At the start of 2021 Tarun Gupta, was first presented with a new product at the AIIMS ophthalmology department. The product was a noninvasive retina screening tool thatwas capable of checking cardiovascular risk. At another experience where the eye drop prescription for Tarun’s son led him to give a one-month eye drop dosage for three months, resulting in damage of looks for his son.
This situational crisis made Tarun understand the deep-rooted issue of difficulty in understanding the prescription written by doctors. That did lead to big blunders as well as irreversible damage to the patients. Therefore, with the motive of bridging the gap between understanding the prescription and decoding it correctly. Tarun Thakur, with his colleague Prakash Thakur, launched a healthcare startup SiCureMi, healthcare technologies, in late 2018. The motive behind this was to improve the health outcome and enhance the healthcare delivery.
There have been cases where patients could not decide whether they needed to take a medicine once a day or twice a day. There were situations when old-aged patients took the night dose of medicine in the morning because they forgot to take it early, leading to dangerous conditions. Keeping these issues in mind, Tarun Gupta started this unique healthcare startup in 2018, the screening of the product began in 2019, and KYP was initiated in 2021 for the same.
KYP by SiCureMi solutions is known as ‘Know your prescription’, which is a patient-focused production for explaining and simplifying the prescription and addressing general treatment-related queries in languages such as; English, Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, and Malayalam. KYP helps to give clarity around the medical prescription. All a patient needs to do is visit the AI-based portal, which will direct the patient a WhatsApp number as due diligence. Then these patients are connected with a pharmacist or medical professional to assist them in giving a deep understanding of their prescription. This way, the new tool will result in minimizing medication errors and providing better patient adherence .
Cardiac disease risk prediction
The IIT Delhi incubation startup has designed an early diagnostic and AI and ML-based prevention screening tool to assess and manage chronic health conditions. The diseases that can be ordered and predicted by these AI and ML-based tool cardiovascular diseases are usually caused due to past reasons like hypertension, kidney disease, elevated levels of total cholesterol, and blood sugar level. However, the changes in the retinal microvasculature will give a better insight; hence, SiCureMi has built algorithm-based methods that can predict the risk scores. Ophthalmologists, cardiologists, and other related clinicians can utilize this risk assessment tool to assess early signs of potential risk.


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