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Abbott acquires a commercial-stage medical device company; vascular

-By ArdorComm News Network

Abbott, a global healthcare brand, recently announced the acquisition of Walk Vascular, LLC, which is a commercial-stage medical device company with a minimally invasive mechanical aspiration thrombectomy system designed to remove peripheral blood clots.

The Walk Vascular’s peripheral thrombectomy system will be incorporated into the endovascular product portfolio. Although the financial terms regarding this acquisition were not disclosed. The Walk Vascula’sJETi Peripheral Thrombectomy System and next-generation JETi AIO (All in One) Peripheral Thrombectomy System are innovative systems for the removal of intravascular clots, which are known as a thrombus, that can lead to serious complications for a patient by reducing blood flow. The aspirational JETi System is designed in a way to break up and remove clots from the peripheral vascular system while reducing the risk of dislodged clots. These systems are clinically tested and Walk has currently enrolled around 250 patients in the United States and Europe in their JETi Registry. Source:

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