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Accenture Urges Employees to Return to Office, Focusing on Collaboration and Client Value

In response to the growing number of employees working from the office, Accenture plans to transition back to in-person work. By August 31, 2023, all team members in corporate functions are expected to work from their designated locations. Managers and team leaders have been given the responsibility to foster a positive and purposeful work environment, promoting strong connections among colleagues.

Accenture emphasizes the importance of in-person interactions in deepening relationships, fostering collaboration, and delivering increased value to clients. Through face-to-face engagement, the company believes that teams can work together as a cohesive unit to meet client expectations. With the aim of creating memorable experiences, managers are encouraged to support their teams and facilitate connections among co-workers.

An internal email has been circulated to employees in corporate functions, urging them to return to the office and experience the benefits of personal connections. The company expects employees to resume working from their assigned locations and embrace regular office attendance.

In addition, managers and team leaders are encouraged to dedicate time to support their team members in critical projects and help them deliver their best work. Accenture places high importance on employee well-being and safety as more individuals transition back to their base locations.

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