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After a work stressed festive season, Meesho let employees go on a a’10-days break.

-By ArdorComm News Network

The pandemic has made both employer and employee acknowledge the value of mental health and the need of taking some time off. In the last few months, global brands such as Nike, Bumble, LinkedIn and Hootsuite, announced a whole week off for their employees to overcome the hectic workload and feel fresh. Keeping in mind the mental well-being importance of employees, the newly Indian-minted unicorn, Meesho, also announced a 10-days off for its 1000 employees from November 4 to 14.
Meesho’s Co-founder and CEO, Vidit Aatrey, made a statement on Twitter: “Announcing a 10 day Meesho-wide break to allow our team members to rejuvenate after the hectic festival season. As a part of decisions aligned with our company’s value of building a people-centric workplace.”


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