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AI News Anchors Enter the Spotlight in Media Evolution

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in newsrooms is revolutionizing the way news is presented and consumed. Indian media houses are embracing this cutting-edge technology by introducing AI news anchors, ushering in a new era of journalism. With the recent launches of AI news presenters in Kannada news channels, including Power TV’s Soundarya and News First Kannada’s Maya, the influence of AI in the media industry is expanding rapidly. These AI-powered anchors are reshaping news delivery, raising both excitement and concerns about the future of journalism.

Expanding the Horizon of AI News Anchors:

Power TV’s Soundarya and News First Kannada’s Maya have joined the ranks of AI news anchors in India, following the footsteps of their counterparts in other regional languages. Earlier this year, the India Today group introduced Sana, an AI news presenter for their Hindi channel, Aaj Tak. MediaOne TV, a Malayalam news channel, also launched a male AI news anchor. Most recently, Odisha TV made waves with their AI newscaster, Lisa, who delivered flawless presentations in Odia and English.

The Current Role of AI News Anchors:

Although AI news anchors are still in the experimental phase, they have already made their mark in the industry. Currently, news channels utilize them to present short news bulletins, sometimes with voiceovers recorded by human journalists synchronized with the AI presenter. This approach allows for quick and efficient delivery of news content. However, it is important to note that AI news anchors are not yet replacing human journalists in breaking news segments. Instead, they are supplementing news programming with their unique capabilities.

Advantages and Criticisms:

The introduction of AI in newsrooms brings numerous advantages. AI news anchors operate 24/7 without requiring breaks or rest, ensuring constant news coverage. They possess language adaptability, catering to diverse linguistic backgrounds, making news accessible to a wider audience. AI anchors provide consistent performance, eliminating variations and fatigue often seen in human presenters. Moreover, they have the ability to process large volumes of information in seconds, delivering real-time updates.

However, the rise of AI in newsrooms also raises ethical concerns and potential threats to human jobs. Critics argue that the integration of AI may undermine the role of human journalists and impact employment in the media industry. Additionally, algorithmic biases and the risk of manipulated information need to be addressed to maintain journalistic integrity and trust.

Future of AI News Anchors:

The emergence of AI news anchors marks a significant milestone in the media industry. It is clear that AI technology will continue to advance and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of journalism. AI news presenters have the potential to evolve beyond short bulletins and expand into more interactive programs, further enhancing audience engagement and personalization. As AI algorithms improve, these virtual anchors may become more lifelike, allowing for seamless integration with human presenters and creating dynamic news presentations.


The introduction of AI news anchors in Indian newsrooms represents a significant leap forward in the evolution of journalism. Soundarya, Maya, Lisa and other AI presenters are pioneering a new era of news delivery, blending technology and human expertise. While AI in newsrooms offers numerous advantages, there is a need for careful consideration of its ethical implications and potential impact on human journalists. Striking the right balance between AI and human involvement will be key in shaping the future of journalism, ensuring a harmonious integration of technology and maintaining the core values of accurate, reliable, and unbiased reporting.

The author, Pratik Ghosh is associated with ArdorComm Media

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