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PM Modi Announces 5-Year Post-Study Visa for Indian Students in France

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made a significant announcement that will greatly benefit Indian students studying in France. During his address at La Seine Musicale in Paris, PM Modi revealed that France has introduced a new and improved post-study work visa program for Indian students. Under this program, Indian students pursuing a master’s degree in France will now be eligible for a longer post-study visa lasting five years.

This development marks a significant extension from the previous duration of two years granted to Indian students in France. The new post-study work visa, also known as the Graduate Route in some countries, provides international students with the opportunity to remain in the host country after completing their studies. During this extended period, students can actively seek job opportunities, gain practical work experience, and contribute to the local economy.

It is important to note that the post-study work visa typically comes with certain requirements. In most cases, students are expected to secure employment related to their field of study, ensuring that their acquired skills and knowledge are put to practical use. By aligning their employment with their educational background, students can maximize their professional growth and contribute effectively to the workforce.

This announcement by PM Modi reflects the commitment of both India and France to promote educational and cultural exchange between the two nations. It not only encourages Indian students to pursue higher education in France but also provides them with an extended period to establish their careers and explore opportunities in the country. This move is expected to enhance the attractiveness of France as a study destination for Indian students and further strengthen the bilateral ties between the two countries.

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