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Akasa Air Plans International Expansion, Aims to Hire 800 New Employees

Akasa Air, a relatively new airline, is planning to expand its operations overseas and aims to hire 800 new employees by the end of 2023. Vinay Dube, the CEO of Akasa Air, recently discussed the company’s expansion plans in an interview with Bloomberg.

The airline plans to use Boeing 737 MAX aircraft to serve destinations in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and parts of South Asia, including Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bangladesh. To meet government regulations, Akasa Air is eagerly awaiting the delivery of its 20th aircraft, as airlines are required to have a fleet of at least 20 planes.

Currently, the airline operates 19 Boeing 737 MAX planes. Akasa Air has made significant progress in expanding its network and fleet despite being less than a year old. The suspension of Go First’s operations has created an opportunity for Akasa, and the airline is interested in acquiring some of the slots that Go First is expected to vacate, further strengthening its market presence.

In the face of increasing competition in the aviation industry, Akasa Air is focusing on measures to retain its pilots. Reports suggest that the airline has implemented a substantial salary increase of up to 40% for its pilots and revised their fixed pay hours from 45 to 40.

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