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AI Not Yet Advanced Enough to Threaten Jobs, Says Union IT Minister

Union IT Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar has addressed the concerns surrounding the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on employment. He stated that while AI is capable of eliminating certain low-level jobs, it is not yet advanced enough to replace jobs that require logic and reasoning. According to Chandrasekhar, it will take another 5-10 years for AI to reach that level of sophistication.

Chandrasekhar dismissed the notion that AI poses a significant threat to human jobs, despite the increasing apprehension among the public. He acknowledged the use of AI algorithms and chatbots in businesses worldwide, which has sparked discussions about potential job losses. However, he emphasized that the current state of AI technology does not render humans redundant in the workforce.

Regarding recent layoffs in the Indian tech industry, Chandrasekhar refuted claims that there are no jobs available. He highlighted the substantial job creation in the digital and tech space in recent years, with nearly one crore jobs being generated during that period alone.

While Chandrasekhar recognized that AI could eventually lead to job displacement, he stated that the current focus of AI is on enhancing efficiency through task automation. He emphasized that AI is presently more task-oriented rather than driven by reasoning or logic, which is required for many jobs.

Chandrasekhar concluded by urging caution and stating that AI’s capability to replace human jobs should not be completely disregarded. He acknowledged that future advancements in AI could lead to job displacement but reassured that the current level of sophistication is not an immediate cause for concern.

Chandrasekhar’s comments provide reassurance that AI’s ability to replace human workers is still several years away. While the impact of AI on the job market remains a topic of debate, he believes that the fears surrounding AI stealing human jobs are exaggerated and unnecessary at this point in time.

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