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AICTE appoints Dr. Abhay Jere as Vice Chairman

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) appointed Dr. Abhay Jere as vice chairman on February 10. He took charge of the organisation on February 14 at the AICTE headquarters in Delhi.

At the government’s Ministry of Human Resources Development, Dr. Abhay Jere served as the Chief Innovation Officer. Dr. Abhay Jere is appointed for a period of three years, or until reaching the age of 65, or until further orders, whichever comes first.

A network of Innovation Councils was made possible in large part by Dr. Abhay Jere. Indian Innovation Councils (IICs) have been established under the Ministry of Education in 6500 educational institutions to support the development of local innovation ecosystems in these institutions while fostering the creation of their own startups during research.

Recently, he has played a key role in designing an innovative MBA programme in “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” offered by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). Dr. Jere, a regular columnist for prominent English and local newspapers, is committed to enlightening Indians about the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship. Also, he created the “India First Leadership” Talk Series, which will broadcast on Lok Sabha TV.

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