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AIIMS Bhubaneswar Successfully Tests Drones for Healthcare Delivery in Odisha

AIIMS Bhubaneswar achieved a significant milestone on January 23 by successfully conducting an experimental trial utilizing drones to enhance healthcare services in Odisha. The unmanned aerial vehicle covered a remarkable distance of 120 km from AIIMS Bhubaneswar to the Community Health Centre in Tangi in just 1.10 hours, marking a groundbreaking advancement in medical logistics.

The drones were specifically designed to transport essential blood supplies, weighing approximately 2 kg, with the entire journey executed seamlessly, showcasing the potential for integrating drone technology into the healthcare system. AIIMS Bhubaneswar Director, Ashutosh Biswas, expressed his satisfaction with the trial, emphasizing the commitment of the national institute to develop a model that seamlessly integrates technology to supplement existing logistics methods.

Director Biswas highlighted the significance of this technology in bolstering healthcare services in remote, tribal, and semi-urban areas. Drones have the capacity to transport a variety of medical supplies, including vaccines, essential drugs, and diagnostic samples. This successful trial by AIIMS Bhubaneswar, a leading tertiary healthcare provider, opens new possibilities for enhancing healthcare accessibility for the people of Odisha.

In an exclusive statement to ANI, Director Biswas stated, “Induction of drone delivery can boost the healthcare services in rural, tribal, and semi-urban locations. These drones can carry multiple health products, including vaccines, essential drugs, and diagnostic samples. AIIMS Bhubaneswar, as a leading tertiary healthcare provider, has created this opportunity for the people of Odisha.” The successful integration of drones in healthcare delivery marks a transformative step towards more efficient and timely medical services in challenging terrains and remote regions.

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