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AIIMS Delhi Inaugurates AMRIT Pharmacy, Offering Affordable Medications and Round-the-Clock Service

An AMRIT pharmacy was recently opened at AIIMS Delhi with the aim of providing affordable medications. The pharmacy, known as the Affordable Medicines and Reliable Implants for Treatment (AMRIT) pharmacy, has 13 dedicated counters and operates 24/7.

This extended working hour facility will be beneficial for individuals in need of urgent medical attention or immediate access to essential medicines. Presently, the pharmacy offers a wide range of around 1,500 drug formulations, covering various medical conditions.

Moreover, the pharmacy is committed to expanding its inventory to meet the evolving demands of patients, ensuring that they can always find the medications they require.

The director of AIIMS, M Srinivas, expressed pride in offering affordable medicines of high quality and stated that efforts would continue to expand the pharmacy’s offerings based on patient needs.

Additionally, AIIMS is working towards establishing an MoU with AMRIT Pharmacy to provide stents and implants at reasonable rates.

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