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AIIMS Delhi will begin robotics training for surgical expertise

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi is getting ready to open its cutting-edge robotics training facility on May 2 with the goal of giving doctors the finest possible training in robotic-assisted surgery.

According to officials, the facility would begin operations in the convergence block, wet lab, and SET (skills, e-learning, telemedicine) facility at AIIMS New Delhi on May 2. This is done in collaboration with India Medtronic Private Limited, according to AIIMS Delhi.

This institute will offer surgeons the greatest possible training in robotic-assisted surgery, including wet lab and simulation training. The agreement to establish a robotic training centre in any government or public body is the first of its kind.

It went on to say that such training is essential for surgeons and will open the door to providing patients with more advantages and surgical solutions.

In order to train surgeons nationwide and increase access to the advantages of robotic-assisted surgery, the partnership combines cutting-edge technology and decades of surgical expertise. Surgeons must receive training and education on cutting-edge technologies like robotics, which will help the entire medical community develop in providing patients with more advantages and surgical options, according to a statement from AIIMS.

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