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Air India can’t apply its new HR policy until March: Report

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Allegations have been made against Air India for allegedly not responding to a situation when a man on one of their planes allegedly urinated on a woman. According to a report in the Economic Times, as a result, the company would have to delay the implementation of their new human resources policy.

According to reports, the airline’s acquisition deal with the government, signed in January 2022, prohibits it for a year from changing its “terms of employment.” The new human resources policy’s implementation has been delayed as a result, and it can now only go into effect after March 2023.

According to the report, union resistance prevented the agreement from going into effect on January 1 as originally anticipated. Since the Tata group does not have a hiring-firing culture, a senior official from the company told the Economic Times, Air India has implemented indirect recognition programmes to reward customer-focused behaviour and accountability.

The CEO added that the company is committed to putting the Tata Code of Conduct into practise by doing away with biases and prejudices within the workplace and encouraging staff to base decisions on facts and statistics rather than rumours and conjecture. According to reports, the airline’s management has finished drafting a new service agreement with major performance metrics and objectives.

It was mentioned that increased accountability would make the move more efficient. In response to the recent drunk man incident, aviation regulatory body, the DGCA, has given the airline instructions to keep track of any passengers who have displayed disruptive behaviour and to add them to a “No-Fly-List.”

The regulator further demanded that the airline notify their internal committee about the incident, which will have 30 days to decide how long the unruly passenger will be prohibited from flying, with options ranging from no days to a permanent ban.

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