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Air India might raise salaries for employees by 8% to 10%

It’s expected that Air India would announce an increase in employee compensation. The anticipated raises are most likely to range between 8% and 10% and will affect a variety of workers, including pilots and cabin crew.

This action is being taken as industry competitiveness is rising. Also, the initial set of pay raises might start to take effect in the coming months, starting with pilots. Also, there will be salary adjustments for other officers and cabin crew.

Additionally, it is anticipated that this action will create parity between Indian and foreign pilots. According to reports, there is a boom in demand for aviation services, which has caused airlines to anticipate growth and raised the need for pilots and cabin crew.

Airlines have raised pay as a result of the industry’s pilot scarcity in an effort to keep talent on board and prevent them from defecting to rival organisations. In addition, the airlines are worried about the competition and are working to keep their qualified personnel.

Further complicating matters for Indian airlines are the alluring recruitment prospects provided by Middle Eastern airlines. In the upcoming 24 months, Indian airlines are expected to purchase between 1500 and 1700 aircraft, according to a report by aviation consultancy firm CAPA.

According to the report, Indian airlines now fly more than 700 commercial aircraft and have ambitions to buy over 1000 more.

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