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News on HR 12th Aug 2023 ArdorComm Media Group Air India Soars into the Future with New Logo, Signalling Promise and Progress
News on HR 12th Aug 2023 ArdorComm Media Group Air India Soars into the Future with New Logo, Signalling Promise and Progress

Air India Soars into the Future with New Logo, Signalling Promise and Progress

-By ArdorComm News Network

In an exciting move, Air India has revealed its revamped logo, dubbed “The Vista,” signaling a new chapter for the popular airline. The inspiration behind the new emblem draws from the elegance of a golden window frame’s pinnacle, embodying boundless opportunities, progressiveness, and a bold vision for the future.

Collaborating with the design firm “FutureBrand,” Air India has undertaken an extensive rebranding endeavor that encompasses not only the logo but also the airline’s overall visual identity. Natarajan Chandrasekaran, Chairman of Tata Sons, emphasized the logo’s significance, marking a fresh era characterized by golden horizons, limitless potential, confidence, and forward momentum.

Campbell Wilson, the CEO of Air India, explained the comprehensive nature of the project, affirming the airline’s unwavering commitment to transformation. “We’re investing substantial resources—financially and passionately—to reshape Air India,” he stated, highlighting the multifaceted nature of the endeavor.

Addressing the iconic Maharaja mascot, Wilson assured that while the Maharaja would retain its beloved status, its appearance would undergo a contemporary evolution. The introduction of purple and gold hues is set to breathe new life into the mascot’s aesthetic.

Travelers can anticipate experiencing the new logo on their journeys starting this December. Air India has outlined an ambitious plan to integrate the refreshed logo into a new fleet of aircraft, with a rollout projected to be completed by the end of 2026.

By the designated 2026 timeline, an entirely rejuvenated aircraft fleet is poised to grace the skies, reflecting Air India’s commitment to modernization and progress.

Simultaneously, Air India has embarked on an impressive initiative, placing orders for around 470 Airbus and Boeing aircraft with an estimated value of 70 billion US dollars. Delivery of these state-of-the-art planes is slated to commence in November of the current year.

Central to the company’s strategy is the inclusion of 20 wide-body aircraft within this year. This initiative dovetails with a creative effort to revamp the existing fleet of 43 aircraft by the middle of the following year, entailing an investment of approximately 400 million US dollars.

Air India’s roadmap encompasses a targeted enhancement of at least 33 percent of its total aircraft fleet by March 2024, showcasing the airline’s commitment to an elevated passenger experience.

Reactions to the new Air India logo have been diverse among netizens. While some users have found it underwhelming, perceiving a lack of innovation and design, others have voiced admiration for the fresh emblem. Congress MP Shashi Tharoor suggested focusing on improving the plane’s interiors to enhance the passenger journey, while one user, who initially rated the new livery with uncertainty, remains open to a change of opinion over time.

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