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Airbus Abandons Potential Acquisition of Atos Data Division, Leaving Atos in Limbo

Atos, an IT services company facing financial challenges, has hit another roadblock in its attempt to sell off part of its business to address its debt issues. Airbus, a potential acquirer of Atos’s big data and security business, has decided to walk away from the deal after completing its due diligence investigation.

The failure of this deal has led Atos to once again postpone the release of its audited financial statement for 2023 as it reassesses its options. This setback adds to the company’s existing challenges, as it has already faced difficulties in finalizing a deal with another potential buyer, EP Equity Investment, for its infrastructure management business.

Although Airbus might have seemed like an unlikely savior, given its expertise in cybersecurity and data management through its own operations, the potential synergies between the two companies did not materialize into a successful acquisition. Despite Atos’s efforts to explore strategic alternatives, including the possibility of another buyer, the company finds itself in a state of uncertainty.

Atos now faces the task of bringing together its legacy and modern business segments while navigating its financial difficulties and evaluating its strategic options. The company’s CEO, Paul Saleh, has not ruled out the possibility of seeking another buyer for its assets.

However, the uncertainty surrounding Atos’s future, compounded by concerns over national security implications and its contracts with the French Ministry of Defense, poses challenges for the company’s clients and its ability to attract new business.

As Atos continues to grapple with its financial woes and search for a path forward, the outcome of its strategic evaluations will be closely watched by stakeholders, including CIOs in industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, and defense that rely on Atos’s services.

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