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Airbus plans to hire 2,000 new employees and recruit engineering and IT talent from India.

-By ArdorComm News Network

At this week’s Wings India airshow, Airbus, the European aircraft maker, is expected to announce job openings for high-end engineering and IT talent from India. It will be searching for people to fill positions in the areas of avionics software, aviation system simulation, and airframe. Cybersecurity, API development, full-stack development, big data, cloud and DevOps, and IoT all offer numerous opportunities.

“India’s strength resides in its talent, ability to grow volume, and presence of possibly the greatest engineering and IT technology partner ecosystems in the world,” says Suraj Chettri, regional director – human resources, Airbus India & South Asia. Chettri said that the company will use Indian talent for its global programmes. Airbus now employs 7,000 people in India, with plans to hire 2,000 more engineers and IT professionals by the end of 2022.

Airbus said in January that it would hire 6,000 people worldwide in the first quarter of 2022 throughout the entire Group, as well as conduct a mid-year appraisal to modify needs accordingly. A quarter of the recruiting will be devoted to finding employees with the capabilities needed to work on decarbonisation, digital transformation, and cyber technology. A third of the positions will be filled by recent graduates. Thierry Baril, Airbus’ chief human resources and workplace officer, stated that the company had stayed resilient throughout the Covid issue and that it plans to hire new talent in a variety of fields to help the company expand its operations as it emerges from the crisis.

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