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An International Conference hosted by JG : From Upanishads to Artificial Intelligence

As JG College of Commerce steps into 25 glorious years of its establishment, they hosted a one day international conference From Upanishads to Artificial Intelligence – Indian Knowledge System through ages on 10th February 2024 in their Campus of Excellence.

The conference was presided Dr. M P Chandran, President, JG University, Dr. Neerja Gupta, Vice Chancellor, Gujarat University, Dr. Achyut Dani, Director General & Provost JG University, Shri P M Patel, Registrar, Gujarat University & Dr. Minnie Mattheew, Principal, JG College of Commerce.

In a groundbreaking convergence of ancient wisdom and modern technology, scholars, researchers, and technologists from around the globe gathered at the International Conference which served as a platform to explore the profound connections between the timeless teachings of the Upanishads and the cutting-edge advancements in artificial intelligence.

Dr. MP Chandran, President, JG University, shared about the relevance of Indian Knowledge System in the present education system according to the New Education Policy and also mentioned about how scriptures like the Upanishads are a source of constant enlightenment and inspiration, every time we read them.

The Chief Guest Dr. Neerja Gupta, Vice Chancellor, Gujarat University highlighted the importance of Indian Knowledge System, with examples taken from various Indian epics and their stories, including the idea of Lakshman Rekha, the bifurcations of Before Christ(BC) and Common Era (CE).

110 scholars, faculty members and corporates presented research papers on topics of Management, Commerce, Literature, Religion, Ethics, Philosophy, Medicine, Physiotherapy, Nursing, and Art. With 160 registered participants, the conference catered to Indian Knowledge throughout the day.
A highlight of the event was the unveiling of a hard copy and the e copy of the book on Indian Knowledge System with 40 selected research papers and an online edition of a journal that has more than 60 selected research papers published.

The event also witnessed a valedictory function addressed by Chief Guest Dr Achyut Dani, Director General & Provost, JG University and Guest of honour Shri P M Patel Registrar, Gujarat University.

This conference at JG marks a significant step towards realizing this vision, igniting a new chapter in the ongoing dialogue between ancient wisdom and modern innovation.

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