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Over 40 Lakh New Students Enroll in Government Schools: Yogi Adityanath

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath announced on Friday that more than 40 lakh new students have enrolled in government schools, signaling a significant milestone in the state’s education sector. Adityanath attributed this surge in enrollment to the concerted efforts of the government to enhance educational infrastructure and promote equality in education across Uttar Pradesh.

During the Question Hour in the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Council, Chief Minister Adityanath emphasized the government’s commitment to bridging social inequality through improved access to quality education. He highlighted the substantial progress made in elevating the standard of education in the state over the past seven years.

Under the Kayakalp Abhiyan, Adityanath noted that extensive efforts have been directed towards enhancing infrastructure in 1,32,000 schools under the Basic Education Council. This initiative has facilitated a conducive learning environment for students, contributing to the significant increase in enrollment.

Furthermore, Adityanath underscored the government’s initiatives to support students, including the provision of essential items such as bags, books, shoes, socks, and sweaters. Additionally, efforts are underway to implement the NCERT syllabus in a phased manner across Uttar Pradesh Board schools, ensuring uniformity in educational standards.

Adityanath highlighted the success of the ‘School Chalo’ campaign, which is conducted in April and July, in further encouraging enrollment. The surge of over 40 lakh new students in government schools reflects the tangible outcomes of the government’s initiatives and signifies progress towards fulfilling the objectives of the Right to Education (RTE) Act.


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