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PM Modi Claims BJP Govt Generated 1.5 Times More Jobs Than Predecessor

Prime Minister Narendra Modi asserted that his government has created 1.5 times more employment opportunities in its tenure compared to the preceding administration’s 10 years. Speaking at a Rozgar Mela program where over one lakh youngsters received recruitment letters for government jobs via video conference, Modi criticized the former government for prolonged recruitment processes, which he argued fostered corruption.

Modi highlighted his government’s commitment to transparency and expeditious recruitment procedures, aiming to provide equal opportunities for all based on merit and hard work. He emphasized the belief among young Indians that they can secure positions within the government system through talent and dedication.

The prime minister pointed to initiatives such as the rooftop solar power scheme for one crore homes and substantial investments in infrastructure as significant contributors to job creation. India’s burgeoning startup ecosystem, with over 1.25 lakh startups, was also lauded by Modi for generating employment across the country, even in smaller cities.

Additionally, Modi outlined government support for startups, including tax rebates and a Rs 1 lakh crore fund for research and innovation, aiming to further stimulate job growth.

Critiquing previous administrations for neglecting the railway sector and failing to meet public expectations, Modi underscored ongoing transformations in the industry. He inaugurated the phase I foundation stone of the integrated complex “Karmayogi Bhavan,” aimed at fostering collaboration and synergy among various components of ‘Mission Karmayogi.’

The newly recruited individuals will join various ministries and departments, marking a step forward in the government’s efforts to address unemployment and promote inclusive growth.


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