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Reflecting on the 10th New Normal – Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2024 held in Ahmedabad, Gujarat on 10th Feb 2024

As the curtains drew on the 10th New Normal – Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2024 in Gujarat, it left behind a trail of enlightening discussions, innovative ideas, and a renewed sense of purpose in redefining education for the 21st century workplace. Hosted by ArdorComm Media Group, a prominent media organization in India, this summit brought together visionaries, educators, innovators, and industry experts to explore the theme of “New Normal Gujarat: Re-imagining Education, Skilling, and Employability in the 21st Century Workplace.”

Gujarat, known for its robust educational infrastructure and pioneering initiatives in skill development, provided the perfect backdrop for this transformative event. With esteemed academicians, edupreneurs, and policymakers converging in Ahmedabad on the 10th of February 2024, the summit served as a platform to delve into the evolving dynamics of education and its intersection with the demands of the contemporary workforce.

Throughout the summit, attendees were immersed in a rich tapestry of discussions, presentations, and panels, each offering valuable insights into navigating the challenges and opportunities presented by the ‘new normal’ in education. From leveraging emerging technologies to fostering innovation in pedagogy, the conversations encapsulated the essence of adaptability and resilience required in today’s educational landscape.

At the heart of the summit stood the esteemed ‘ArdorComm Education Leadership Awards 2024’, a beacon illuminating the outstanding achievements of individuals and institutions in the realm of education, skill development, and employability. With unwavering dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence, these pioneers have reshaped the educational landscape, embodying the spirit of innovation and progress. The Education Leadership Awards 2024, spanning across various categories such as Higher Education, School Education, Preschool Education, Skills and Training, Start-ups & EdTech, not only celebrated accomplishments but also served as a testament to the collective commitment towards fostering a brighter future through education. Through their remarkable endeavors, the awardees have set a shining example for the entire education community, inspiring others to aspire, innovate, and transform for the betterment of society.

Kumar Chandan Anand, Founder, CEO & Group Editor of ArdorComm Media Group, expressed his enthusiasm about the success of the summit, stating, “The 10th New Normal – Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2024 surpassed our expectations, serving as a beacon of innovation and collaboration in the education sector. We are thrilled to witness the meaningful exchanges and impactful insights shared by our esteemed speakers and participants. This summit reaffirms our commitment to driving positive change and fostering excellence in education. We look forward to building on this momentum and continuing to empower the education community.”

He also mentioned that, “The people of Vibrant Gujarat have chosen us once again as the host for this summit, inspired by the resounding success of our previous year gathering in this very state. Leadership from the Gujarat government, including the Honourable Chief Minister Shri Bhupendrabhai Patel and his esteemed cabinet ministers; Shri Rushikesh Ganeshbhai Patel, Minister of Health, Medical, Higher & Technical education, Law & Parliamentary affairs; Shri Balvantsinh Rajput, Minister of Industries, Skill development & Employment; Shri Praful Chhaganbhai Pansheriya, Minister of State for Parliamentary affairs, Primary, Secondary & Higher Education have appreciated the efforts and expressed their valuable support to us. We are also honoured to have good wishes of Shri Banchhanidhi Pani, IAS Commissioner, Technical Education. These leaders have expressed their support & good wishes to ArdorComm Media Group for the success of this summit and an embarking bright future ahead. Their support has given more strength to our mission & vision. We are deeply honoured and we express our gratitude to these dynamic leaders of Vibrant Gujarat.”

We are proud to announce the esteemed partners and collaborators who contributed to the success of the 10th New Normal – Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2024. Along with our supporting partner AOPS, presenting partner, LinkedIn, powered by partner NobelQ SAP Gold Partner, EdTech partner D2L, and online learning partner Coursera for Campus, brought invaluable expertise and resources to the event. Technology was seamlessly integrated with our technology partner, ACER, and display solution partner, SAMSUNG. We also extend our gratitude to associate partners SAS and Nursery Story, university partner JG University, and school partners Anand Niketan Group of Schools and Florescent Public School for their unwavering support, academic partner Little Millennium. Additionally, exhibitors Canon and MAPPLS MapMyIndia added further depth to our discussions and initiatives. Together, their collective commitment and collaboration have enriched the educational landscape and propelled us towards a brighter future.

The eminent speakers in the summit were a diverse array of leaders, educators, and innovators, each bringing their unique perspectives and insights to the forefront of discussions. The curtain was raised and the lamp lighting ceremony begin in the august presence of our Guest Speakers of the Summit Rohit Mehta, State Project Advisor, School Education Department, Government of Gujarat; Dr. CA Achyut Dani, Director General & Provost, JG University; Prahar Anjaria, Founder & Chairman, RANGOLI Group of Institutes & Secretary, AOPS; Anup Menon, Regional Head (West) – Academics & Government business, LinkedIn. They gave the welcome keynote remarks on the summit’s theme – ‘New Normal Gujarat: Re-imagining Education, Skilling and Employability in 21st Century Workplace’.

The Eminent Panel Speakers for the 1st Panel Topic – ‘NEP Implementation: Focus on Education to be Inclusive, Equitable and Holistic’ were Dr. CA Achyut Dani, Director General & Provost, JG University (Session Moderator), Prof. (Dr.) S N Gupta, Vice Chancellor, Maganbhai Adenwala Mahagujarat University, Nadiad; Abhay Ghosh, Director, Shanti Asiatic School, Ahmedabad; Arun Sutaria, (Retd IAS), Director, Siddharth Public School, Himatnagar; Dr. Geetika Saluja, CEO Projects, Anand Niketan Schools, Ahmedabad; Sabina Sawhney, Principal, Delhi Public School, Bopal, Ahmedabad; Minal Desai, Director, Gems International School, Ahmedabad; Prof. Sandeep Vasant, Registrar, Navrachana University, Vadodara; Dr. A K Sinha, Principal Director, Delhi Public School, Vadodara; Archit Bhatt, Managing Director, Tripada Group of Schools & President, AOPS, Ahmedabad.

The Eminent Panel Speakers for the 2nd Panel Topic – ‘Creating a Seamless Digital Experience and Skill Development in School Education’  were Prahar Anjaria, Founder & Chairman, RANGOLI Group of Institutes, Gandhinagar (Session Moderator); Kamal Mangal, Founder, Anand Niketan Group of Schools, Ahmedabad; Vipul Patel, Chairman, Managing Trustee, S.N.V. International School, Nadiad; Vivek Kapasi, Managing Trustee, Shree Vidyasagar School, Ahmedabad; Seema Singh, Director, Florescent Public School, Ahmedabad; Viral Jain, Chairman & Managing Trustee, Lokpriya Providentia International School, Jamnagar.

The Eminent Panel Speakers for the 3rd Panel Topic – ‘Unleashing The Potential of ‘Education 4.0’ on Innovative Pedagogy & Industry ready Skills’ were Brig PC Vyas, Director, Institute of Advanced Research, Gandhinagar (Session Moderator); Parth Kotecha, Associate Vice President, Noble University, Junagadh; Dr. D. J. Shah, Provost, Indrashil University, Rajpur; Dr. Parag Sanghani, Provost, P. P. Savani University, Surat; Dr. S. Sundar Manoharan, Vice Chancellor, Pandit Deendayal Energy University, Gandhinagar; Dr. Shrikant J. Wagh, Provost, UPL University of Sustainable Technology, Bharuch; Dr. Ragin Shah, Provost, Swarnim Startup & Innovation University, Gandhinagar; Swapnil Ajmera, Director, Coursera for Campus.

The Eminent Panel Speakers for the 4th Panel Topic – ‘How the New Age Technologies like AI, ML, IoT are changing India’s Education landscape’ were Dr. Prem Das Maheshwari, Director -South Asia, D2L Corporation (Session Moderator); Prof. (Dr.) Sandeep Chakravorty, Executive President, Indus University, Ahmedabad; Dr. Kartik Jain, Provost, Gandhinagar University, Gandhinagar; Prof. (Dr.) Amit Jain, President & Vice Chancellor, Amity University Rajasthan, Jaipur.

The Eminent Panel Speakers for the 5th Panel Topic – ‘How to Cultivate 21st Century Skills including Critical Thinking and Digital Literacy’ were Dr. Amit Ganatra, Vice Chancellor (Provost), Parul University, Vadodara (Session Moderator); Prof. (Dr.) Prafulkumar Udani, Provost, Sankalchand Patel University, Ahmedabad; Dr. K.B. Vyas, Provost, Sabarmati University, Ahmedabad; Anup Menon, Regional Head (West)– Academics & Government business, LinkedIn.

The industry speech on the topic – ‘Future of Work – LinkedIn for Education Institutions’ was shared by Anup Menon, Regional Head (West)– Academics & Government business, LinkedIn; on the topic – ‘Digital Transformation in Higher Education’ was shared by Phillip Samuel Babu.S, Head – Higher Education Skilling, India & Subcontinent, SAP India; on the topic – ‘Bring Out Unlimited Learning Possibilities with SAMSUNG’ was shared by Avinash Sharma, Chief Manager, SAMSUNG; and the industry speech on the topic – ‘How Technology Benefits the Early Years Sector’ was presented by Peter Ledwidge, Sales Director, Nursery Story.

The event also boasted two insightful Roundtable Discussion Sessions, each facilitated by prominent industry leaders. RT 1, spearheaded by D2L, delved into the transformative power of tech-enabled solutions in reshaping teaching and learning paradigms. Participants explored the untapped potential of technology to enhance educational experiences and empower both educators and learners alike.

Meanwhile, RT 2, led by SAP, ignited conversations surrounding the re-imagination of higher education in the digital era. The session provided a platform for thought-provoking discussions on leveraging digital innovations to meet the evolving needs and expectations of students, institutions, and the workforce. Together, these engaging roundtable discussions enriched the dialogue on the future of education, inspiring attendees to embrace innovation and adapt to the dynamic educational landscape.

Key Discussion Points of the “10th New Normal – Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2024”

  • NEP Implementation: Focus on Education to be Inclusive, Equitable, and Holistic.
  • Creating a Seamless Digital Experience and Skill Development in School Education.
  • Unleashing The Potential of ‘Education 4.0’ on Innovative Pedagogy & Industry-ready Skills.
  • How the New Age Technologies like AI, ML, IoT are changing India’s Education landscape?
  • How to Cultivate 21st Century Skills including Critical Thinking and Digital Literacy?
  • Transforming teaching and learning with unleash potential of tech-enabled solutions.
  • Re-imagining Higher Education for Digital Era


Key Highlights of the “10th New Normal – Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2024”

  • Day: 1
  • Sessions: 6+
  • Speakers: 50+
  • Schools: 50+
  • Government Dignitaries: 10+
  • Higher Education: 150+
  • Edtech Startups: 15+
  • Corporate: 15+

In conclusion, the 10th New Normal – Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2024 held in Ahmedabad, Gujarat on 10th Feb 2024, served as a pivotal platform for discourse, collaboration, and innovation in the realm of education. Through insightful discussions on topics ranging from NEP implementation to the impact of emerging technologies, participants explored the transformative potential of educational practices in the 21st century. The summit underscored the importance of fostering inclusivity, digital literacy, and critical thinking skills among students to prepare them for the dynamic challenges of the future. As we reflect on the enlightening exchanges and impactful insights shared during the event, we are inspired by the collective commitment towards reimagining education and skilling initiatives for a brighter tomorrow. The summit not only celebrated excellence but also ignited a renewed sense of purpose in driving positive change within the education community. As we move forward, let us continue to harness the power of collaboration and innovation to shape a more equitable, inclusive, and forward-thinking educational landscape in Gujarat and beyond.

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