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Assam Government presented Scooters to Students in 6th Year of Pragyan Bharati Scheme

The ceremonial distribution of scooters under the Pragyan Bharati scheme was recently presided over by Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, marking a significant step towards the promotion of education and empowerment of deserving students. Commemorating the legacy of renowned linguist and litterateur Banikanta Kakati, this program is in its sixth year and will benefit an astounding 35,770 students in 2023.

The distribution event demonstrated the government’s dedication to offering smooth facilities to students who performed exceptionally well in their higher secondary examinations. It took place at the Veterinary College field in Khanapara, Guwahati. Scooters were given to the girls who scored 60% and the boys who scored an incredible 75% as a token of appreciation for their academic achievement.

In his speech, Chief Minister Sarma emphasized the government’s commitment to youth empowerment via education. He declared that the Pragyan Bharati scheme would be expanded and stressed the importance of such initiatives in promoting academic excellence. Now, the programme will include more student-friendly initiatives like free textbooks, scooters, and reduced dorm costs.

“I sincerely hope the scooty presented in recognition of the good academic performance of the students will motivate them to do better in the future as well,” CM Sarma said, inspiring the students to keep going in the face of challenges in order to achieve their objectives.

The Assam government has set aside funds to provide scooters to 35,770 qualified students for the 2023–2024 fiscal year. This includes 5,567 boys who scored higher than 75% in the AHSEC’s higher secondary exam in 2023, and 30,203 girls who received first division results. An estimated Rs 25,954.29 lakh will be allocated to this scheme.

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