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Avinash Sharma, Chief Manager, SAMSUNG discussed the future projects of Samsung in India

“This model was launched in the last August, now we have the complete line up” said Avinash Sharma, Chief Manager, SAMSUNG at the ArdorComm Media Group hosted ‘New Normal – Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2024’ on 10th February 2024 at Crowne Plaza Ahmedabad City Centre, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Samsung has launched its interactive display the smart learning and collaboration for the betterment of education system can you share a little more information on this gadget?

So, we are a worldwide leader in display business solutions, So, it’s not commodity it’s a display with the solution. Interactive is just the extension of our product portfolio. So, it is now coming with the Android version and this has been launched in multiple schools and appreciated in terms of ease of use, how children can benefit in terms of communication, and Live interaction with the class with unique features we have in this panel. This is providing a complete transformation into a different school and fortunate and lucky to add value in the ecosystem.

Technologies like the new gadget from Samsung how do you think that upcoming AI technology is enhancing the overall experience of education and learning in the Indian market?

When you go back to the Corona Era it was very difficult to communicate with the students at the time this interactive panel adds value to education by educating the students in a particular way. It’s not about one way communication it’s a two-way communication. What students are learning, How they are benefiting, Are they learning in a particular way. In which exam they are not able to qualify, How much they are scoring. So, these all come in picture. We can enhance this and give value to the teacher so they can be focused in a particular area.

Is Samsung planning any future product in India?

Absolutely, this model was launched in the last August, now we have the complete line up. It will be a vertical lineup for enterprise as well as for education. So, this model now will have an inbuilt camera and definitely the specification will be coming. The best of the word is the most required “Make in India”, from the next month we will have the “Make in India” product so we have the complete line up required as per the specification.

ArdorComm Media is now celebrating it’s second year of existence, any message to our team?

I’m participating from the last 6 months in multiple educational events, I must appreciate and congratulate your team for doing a wonderful job. We had a wonderful discussion with the eminent personalities there. It’s a one-to-one discussion, we all were able to represent our product, So, that kind of interaction is much required. Let me congratulate your team for doing a wonderful job.


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