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Seema Singh, Director, Florescent Public School, Ahmedabad expressed her views on students happiness at school

“If student is happy they will be very responsible citizens and give their 100% in everything” said Seema Singh, Director, Florescent Public School, Ahmedabad at ArdorComm Media Group hosted ‘New Normal – Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2024’ on 10th February 2024 at Crowne Plaza Ahmedabad City Centre, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

How does the New Education Policy impact the overall growth in the education system in terms of technology?

Nowadays, technology is a great aspect, we need to introduce technology in school at all levels, be it is primary, secondary, senior secondary, college or university. Just now we discussed in our panel that how we have to take the initiative. So, we need to be aware that we have more and more parents association with us. We need to have a good infrastructure, we need to have some partner with us who can fund for the technology, and in this way, we can train our teachers as well as students to accept the new technology and use it for positively for teaching-learning process.

5 years from now how technology will eventually impact the education system of India?

100% it will bring modernization, this is the era of globalization, this is the era modernization, So, 100% to bring changes. AI cannot replace the teachers, of course. But AI can develop the teaching-learning process in such a way that the teachers and students learn more advanced.

What was the overall takeaway from this event?

The happiness that we need to create in the minds of students. If student is happy they will be very responsible citizens and give their 100% in everything. So, my takeaway is to how we can make our education system fruitful so that our students when they go home, they are happy and we can create a happy and safe environment all over.

Any message you wish to share with ArdorComm media on its second anniversary

I will just appreciate ArdorComm media that this platform is because of them. When we talk about little transformation, I got connected with ArdorComm media, with Chandan sir only via this digital platform. So, they are doing excellent and we hope that we have this association for a longer time.


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