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Bajaj Finserv’s Rs 5,000 Crore Investment in Pune Set to Create 40,000 Jobs

Bajaj Finserv, a non-banking finance company, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Government of Maharashtra to invest Rs 5,000 crore in Pune.

This significant investment is expected to create approximately 40,000 job opportunities in the city. Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis hailed it as the largest investment in the fintech sector in recent years.

The project aims to prioritize sustainability and environmental friendliness by adopting green solutions and adhering to global standards, including a net-zero model. Pune has been attracting numerous investors due to its favourable infrastructure and availability of skilled talent.

Besides being a prominent tech hub with several global technology companies and centres of excellence, Pune is now emerging as a financial services hub with the establishment of the expansive Bajaj Finserv Campus.

The city has also been recognized for its inclusive hiring practices, with a report highlighting Pune, along with Hyderabad and Chennai, as the top three cities in terms of hiring women applicants.

This positive investment climate in Pune has seen the expansion of various firms, such as Luxoft and TresVista, strengthening the city’s position as a business and employment destination.

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