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BATM develops molecular diagnostics tests for the treatment of tuberculosis

-By ArdorComm News Network

BATM is a leading provider of real-time-based technologies to provide networking solutions and medical laboratory systems. It has recently been announced that it has developed a new method for rapid and comprehensive diagnosis of tuberculosis. This new technology’s testing and validation phase will be commenced in the second half of this year. The process will be funded under a program of Stop TB Partnership, an international alliance comprising various government and non-government organizations.
The new method consists of one step PCR test developed by the group Adaltis subsidiary, with testing on the NATlab instrument by using the new isothermal RCA process developed by the Group Ador Diagnostics Associate company. This PCR test will diagnose if someone is infected with TB and if the test is positive. This NATlab system will be used to identify the strain of TB and its resistance to antibiotics. The process is expected to give results within two hours by testing the samples in both phases. This new process is far less than several days required in the current and commonly used test, which usually depends on incubation to check the antibody resistance once a patient is infected with TB. This new method which is being developed, is presented with the cooperation of leading universities in Italy. The testing and validation of the solution will take place at the University of Heidelberg.


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