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Bentley looking to hire 100 engineers

-By ArdorComm News Network

Bentley Motors’ Five-in-Five plan calls for the company to introduce a new electric vehicle (EV) model per year starting in 2025. It will hire 100 engineers and push its Beyond100 strategy to achieve this. The hiring process has already begun, with 50 job openings announced so far, with more to come in the near future.

While the new workers will be assigned to a variety of departments, including engineering and research and development, around half of them will be required to focus on electrical skills, as Bentley plans to electrify its entire product range within eight years. Bentley will need personnel in research and development, as well as UX/UI engineers, design managers, and chassis engineers, in addition to electrical engineers.

While the majority of the new workers will work out of Bentley’s Crew headquarters, the luxury carmaker plans to use a hybrid work style. It has made significant investments in new engineering offices, which incorporate collaboration zones to encourage interaction.

Individual offices have been eliminated in favour of hot desks in order to conserve space. This is also anticipated to foster spontaneous conversations as well as improved teamwork and attitude. Bentley wants its employees to be more adaptable, lifelong learners, and active participants in the workplace. Bentley employees have participated in over 30,000 learning activities in the last year, including online workshops, e-learning modules, and face-to-face

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