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BHU unveils new scheme for international PhD scholars

A new initiative to support international research scholars is introduced by Banaras Hindu University (BHU). The scheme aims to support international PhD scholars who do not have access to other fellowships financially while also facilitating and fostering excellence in research.

International scholars will receive a credit incentive of Rs 40,000 under the new scheme. This credit may be used to cover user fees for BHU equipment used for research. A further credit of Rs 30,000 would be given if the research scholar is the first author in a Q1 or Q2 journal.

For international PhD students at BHU who do not already have a fellowship, the programme established under the IoE initiative of the Government of India will provide financial assistance of Rs 8,000 per month.

A contingency similar to the BHU-UGC non-NET Fellowship will also be given to them. Similar to the research incentive provided to BHU-Not NET Fellowship, international scholars who publish papers in Q1 or Q2 journals are entitled to receive an additional one-time incentive of Rs. 84,000. There are currently 57 such students who will receive benefits from the monthly fellowship scheme.

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