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BMC Unveils ₹1,500 Crore ‘Healthcare at Doorstep’ Initiative: Digital Health Mission to Transform Medical Services in Maharashtra

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) in Maharashtra is planning to launch a groundbreaking healthcare initiative with a 1,500 crore budget. The ‘Chief Minister Health at Doorstep Scheme,’ which aims to reduce out-of-pocket healthcare costs, is expected to provide a wide range of medical services directly to residents.

Sudhakar Shinde, BMC Additional Municipal Commissioner, announced the initiative at the CII Hospital Tech summit, emphasizing the importance of diagnostics for people over the age of 60. The scheme will include services such as doorstep delivery of over 4,500 drug-consumable items, as well as blood sample collection. BMC’s commitment to healthcare is reflected in its allocation of 15% of its budget to the sector, which is higher than the percentage allocated by most states in the country.

Shinde urged industry to help with the initiative by providing skilled medical professionals, IT support, and innovative solutions. Collaboration with the private sector is critical to the program’s success in providing quality healthcare to Mumbai residents.

N Nawin Sona, Principal Secretary of the Maharashtra Government’s Public Health Department, emphasized the importance of technology adoption in order to reduce healthcare costs. He outlined the government’s plan to improve healthcare access, accountability, and affordability. Sona also emphasized the importance of health data alignment between the public and private sectors, as well as the establishment of a health registry.

The Maharashtra Government is actively pursuing the Digital Health Mission in line with its commitment to technological advancements in healthcare. The government intends to work with the private sector to carry out this mission, emphasizing the importance of public-private partnerships in transforming healthcare delivery. The initiative is a forward-thinking approach that leverages technology to improve healthcare services and make them more convenient and affordable for Maharashtra residents.

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