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Breaking News Update: UK Reviewing Decisions To Make COVID Vaccine Jabs Mandatory for Healthcare Workers

-By ArdorComm News Network

Amidst rising COVID-19 cases and the discovery of new variants, Britain is reviewing its decision to make vaccine jabs mandatory for healthcare workers amidst tension of losing thousand of staff. In England, there are high tensions and concerns amongst hospitals and the government that because of making COVID-19 vaccination mandatory, they could lose tens of thousands of workers.

The decision has met a lot of resistance from a significant group of some healthcare workers, with warnings that sacking those who did not comply could leave the NHS facing significant staff shortages, while a number of lawmakers in Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative party have also criticized the decision.

The government also said on Monday that they have received the long-awaited report on the investigation into lockdown-breaching government parties. The Cabinet Office said senior civil servant Sue Gray “has provided an update on her investigations to the Prime Minister.” Johnson’s office has promised the report will be published “swiftly”.

Source: Reuters and Associated Press


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