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Britannia aims to increase the percentage of women employees to 50% by 2024

FMCG giant Britannia Industries wants to increase the proportion of women working there from 41% to 50% by 2024, a senior company official said on Sunday. According to Indranil Gupta, Head of Manufacturing for the company’s owned factories, Britannia currently employs 41% women and plans to increase that number to 50% by the end of 2024. It has 15 company-owned manufacturing plants, 35 contract and franchisee units, and over one lakh workers throughout India.

In the company’s Madurai unit, there are approximately 1,400 employees, of which 65% are women, according to Gupta. According to the senior official, since the company produced 190 tonnes of different food products every day, the percentage of women working there will rise to 70% by 2024.

Gupta said, “They are more hygienic, and more suitable for these types of jobs, which is an important requirement in food making facilities and disciplined compared to male workers,” when asked why more women should work in these fields. According to him, having a higher percentage of women in leadership positions has improved factory operations by boosting production and efficiency while also lowering attrition.

According to C S Guruprasad, Regional Manufacturing Head for the South, diversity is an important pillar of Britannia’s sustainability framework for becoming a responsible global food company. He continued by saying that since most of the women come from an agricultural background and supported their family through the worst of the Covid outbreak when their husbands or parents lost their employment, they feel confident about staying in the unit.

Also, the organisation offers the best working conditions, in addition to compensation, social security benefits, and transportation services, the official added.

Source: PTI

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