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Cabinet Reshuffle by Modi Government with an objective of maximum government and maximum governance

-By ArdorComm News Network

A reshuffling of the cabinet is what allows us to examine the performance criteria of the existing government.  It is the gateway to let go of old faces and give chance to new faces. On July 7, Narendra Modi Government witnessed the biggest ever reshuffle in the cabinet in its government. A new record of bringing in 36 new ministers as the first-time ministers in the cabinet is witnessed.  During the sworn-in, ceremony Modi Cabinet consisted of 43 ministers only. While seven years later we can see it increase to 77 ministers’ cabinet, which is only four less from the permissible limit of 81 ministers. The BJP government was the first to win the parliamentary elections with the majority in three decades. Although the Modi Government had started with the slogan Minimum Government, maximum governance. 

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