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Healthcare startups bridging the gap between healthcare facilities and patients in India

Corona Virus threatened people not just from getting sick but also from going to hospitals. A fear surged in the minds of people that hospitals have become a riskier place to visit, while you are unhealthy, as the infectious patients and environment can increase the risk even more.

This fear motivated a lot many people to look up to the existing healthcare startups which were able to help a lot of people in terms of medical facilities. It allowed people to get consultations, medicines, and lab tests done through online services without visiting the hospital.

Some of the most known healthcare startups in India are as follows

  • PharmEasy: PharmEasy is a healthcare startup that focuses on providing medical deliveries and diagnostics through its online platform. The startup provides you with a mobile app to allow ordering medicines from the local store and applying for a sample collection from home for diagnosis.  The startup was founded in 2015 and its head office is located in Mumbai.
  • Practo: Another revolutionary online healthcare startup, Practo offers its users to book online appointments with doctors. Get a doctor consultation through a phone call or a video call.  It is a platform that has brought the doctor and the patient online and bridged the gap between the patient and the treatment. Along with that practo also allows the services of ordering medicines online. And to get the diagnostic test samples collected from home and deliver the test result online. The perks of getting a chat-based telemedicine solution are also available with practo. The company was founded in 2008, having its head office in Bangalore.
  • Innovacer: Innovacer is an innovative platform that delivers cloud-based and Artificial Intelligence-based data analytics. This product is used by the health care centers to get easy management of its patients’ data and related data. Innovacer has developed a data activation cloud-based system that collects, analyzes, and delivers a total analysis report of any patient’s health. The various products this company offers are; INote, InConnect, InGraphand, in care. The company was founded in 2014, with its head office in San Francisco (United States) and Noida (India)
  • Indegene: Indegene is a payer solution company for its patients. The portfolio of the company includes various services like; Transformation, member acquisition, and engagement, care management, Medicare analyzing and provider, as well as ACO solutions. The company was founded in 1998 and has its head office in Princeton (United States) and Ahmedabad (India).
  • Axtria: Axtria is a data analytics software company serving the healthcare sector. It serves clients who are engaged in; sales, customer, marketing, revenue, risk, and supply chain management. Axtria helps its clients with data which can help its clients with several services that start from planning, forecasting optimization to achieve scoring, reporting, and visualization. The risk solution segments include various services like regulatory compliance, portfolio risk management, operational risk, and risk strategy development. Currently, the company serves more than 30 clients including 5 fortunes and 50 companies. It was founded in 2010, with its head office Berkeley Heights (United States), Haryana (India)

These health tech startups are changing the whole concept of the healthcare system and healthcare management.   Easing the healthcare services and making them more friendly, flexible, and reachable.

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