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Tokyo Olympics 2020: After Sindhu, Lovlina Bags Bronze And Makes India Proud

Lovlina thrashed in semi-finals but wins a medal to become the second Indian woman to win bronze this Olympics 2020

LovlinaBorgohain, after reaching the quarter finals lost in the fourth round to Turkey’s BusenazSurmeneli. In the boxing match, right from the start the Turk world number one champion dominated Lovlina to enter the final fight for gold. Though Lovlina gave her best, she lost the match. Needless to say, her efforts were lauded and she brought pride to the country by winning a bronze medal. 

All thanks to Lovlina, this will be India’s third medal in the Tokyo Olympics 2020. 

From the second round of the match, the tall Indian tried her best to subdue her opponent but could not connect well. 

She was continuously on her defense and got little opportunity to attack. Even though the Turk was the first to attack, Lovlina was appreciated for better reach. 

Lovlina was also double-blowed by the Turk with a superb technique in the second round. Even after trying her best, Lovlina lost the match and went to bag a bronze medal for the country. 

No female athlete has won a gold medal for the country in the Olympics. However, one mustn’t lose hope. Lovlina looks up to Mary Kom as an inspiration and is sure to make the country proud in the future.

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