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Israeli MNC Donates Oxygen Generation Tanks to Hospitals in India Worth Rs 3 Crore

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ADAMA India, an Israeli-based MNC in Hyderabad, has donated oxygen generation plants and storage tanks worth Rs 3 crore to multiple hospitals in India.

Hyderabad: ADAMA India is an Israel-based company situated in Hyderabad. As part of its on-going community initiative, the MNC donated oxygen generation tanks to multiple hospitals in India worth Rs 3 crore to support the country in its fight against COVID-19. 

Eight oxygen generation plants and two oxygen storage tanks will soon be installed in Mahavir Hospital and Research Centre, in Hyderabad, District Government Hospital, Nandyal, and Pushpalata Government Hospital in Andhra Pradesh’s Gudivada.

India struggled a lot during the second wave of the pandemic and due to the oxygen shortage in the country, many people lost their lives. Therefore, the need for oxygen generation tanks was at its peak during the second wave. However, ESIC Hospital in Ghaziabad is the first to get the installation of an oxygen generation plant, other government and trust hospitals still wait to finish the installation in the next few weeks.  The hospitals that await installations are in Ballari (Karnataka), Morena, Sheopur and Indore (Madhya Pradesh), Pune (Maharashtra) and Bathinda (Punjab).

Apart from supporting the country to increase oxygen generation, ADAMA has also helped by pitching in for other healthcare initiatives like donating high-flow nasal oxygen sets, autoclave machines, Maglumi analyser machines, along with reagent kits, fogger machines, N95 Masks, face shields and medicines.

The global pandemic has increased the demand for oxygen in the world. The oxygen is not only used in treatment of COVID-19 patients, it is used as a medicine for patients of multiple diseases like patients in times of surgery, trauma, heart failure, asthma, pneumonia, and maternal and child care.

Important anecdote:

Pneumonia accounts for 8, 00,000 lakh deaths per year and according to estimation, 20 to 40% of these deaths can be eliminated with the use and availability of oxygen therapy. 

Source: India Today

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