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Capgemini plans to hire 60,000 people in India by 2022

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Capgemini, a French technology company, has announced that by 2022, it’ll have hired 60,000 new employees in India. According to Ashwin Yardi, CEO, the recruitment drive was made possible by the growing need for digital-led solutions. Freshers and lateral talent will make up the new hires, with an emphasis on upcoming technologies like 5G and quantum. Capgemini employs 3,55,000 people, half of whom are based in India and work there. In partnership with Ericsson, Capgemini launched a 5G lab in India in 2021. In the last few months, this lab has gained a lot of traction.

Aiman Ezzat, Capgemini’s group CEO, indicated last month that India will have a bigger role in overseeing the company’s operations in the coming months. He also stated that the company would focus on producing leaders in India, who would eventually be able to lead teams across the globe. The firm employs 100 account executives, all of whom are working toward becoming global account executives. It has also ordered the construction of new centres of excellence in India this year. The three technologies that will be major growth drivers for the Company in the future are quantum, 5G, and Metaverse. Capgemini is establishing labs to develop solutions for these technologies for its global customers.

Source: Economic Times

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