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Cipla Boosts Digital Health with Major Investment in GoApptiv

Cipla Limited, a leading pharmaceutical company, has announced a further investment of approximately Rs. 42 crore in the digital tech company GoApptiv Private Limited. This move aims to bolster Cipla’s presence in the healthcare sector, particularly in underserved regions of India, by enhancing access to life-saving treatments.

With the completion of this investment round, Cipla’s total stake in GoApptiv will rise to 22.99 percent on a fully diluted basis. This marks Cipla’s third investment in GoApptiv, demonstrating a continued commitment to supporting the digital tech company’s expansion in underpenetrated areas and product lines. The investment will be made in a combination of equity shares and compulsorily convertible preference shares.

Cipla’s collaboration with GoApptiv has already yielded positive results in increasing penetration in underserved rural areas of India and addressing critical healthcare gaps where pharmaceutical coverage is limited. The expansion of this partnership aligns with Cipla’s strategy in the era of technology-driven healthcare, aiming to deliver patient-centric solutions and advance its digitization agenda for the next phase of growth.

Umang Vohra, MD and Global CEO of Cipla Limited, emphasized the significance of the long-standing partnership with GoApptiv in addressing healthcare disparities. He stated, “In this era of technology-driven healthcare, this expanded investment will help us deliver patient-centric solutions and further strengthen our digitization agenda to drive Cipla’s next phase of growth.”

GoApptiv, known for using technology to provide quality and affordable healthcare, shares Cipla’s commitment to making a positive impact on communities through innovative solutions. The current investment round is expected to deepen the collaboration between Cipla and GoApptiv, focusing on addressing healthcare disparities in underserved regions of India.

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