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CM Yogi Adityanath draws plan to ensure doorstep delivery of governance

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Another significant decision aimed at enhancing service delivery in remote towns came on Tuesday, when the chief minister urged the group of ministers to prepare to offer governance at the doorstep.

In the coming days, people living in remote locations may get the opportunity to host cabinet ministers for lunch, as Yogi has directed that officials contact directly with state residents and spend time with them to obtain feedback on the government’s performance and unmet expectations.

On the basis of feedback from poor families at the bottom of the pyramid, the policy will be framed or adjusted.

To ensure the success of the programme, the council of ministers has been divided into 18 groups, each led by a cabinet minister. The teams will be dispersed across the 18 divisional commissionerates. A total of 53 ministers, including the chief minister, make up the Council of Ministers.

Before the next assembly session is called, the first round must be finished. The team will be required to spend three days in each division and at least 24 hours in each district. They will collect feedback from residents, elected representatives, party organisations, and affiliated outfits during their visit.

During their stay, the ministers will examine the work done and milestones accomplished by their own department in the division. “Visiting some villages is a must and a major portion of the tour will be spent with the village population. Ministers will find out if benefits of welfare schemes are reaching them with complete transparency or not. Their expectations will be noted down, and a report will be prepared,” said a personal staff member of one the ministers who has been deputed in western UP.

Lunch or refreshments would be served to the ministers in slums or at the home of a Dalit family. The report will be presented to the office of the chief minister for further action.

Source: TNN

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