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Compulsory Biometric Attendance Introduced in Government Hospitals

Concerned about the issue of doctors and staff arriving late to government hospitals, state health authorities have implemented a solution. The health department has issued a directive making biometric attendance mandatory in all government hospitals.

This follows similar orders recently issued by the medical education department, which made biometric attendance compulsory for faculty members. On Monday, Shubhra Singh, Additional Chief Secretary (Health), Govt. of Rajasthan issued the orders.

Referring to previous orders from 2017, Singh instructed hospitals and office administrators to ensure that not only doctors but also nursing staff, paramedics, and other hospital personnel mark their attendance using the biometric system.

Authorities have been given one week to install the necessary machines on hospital and office premises. The 2017 orders were implemented across district hospitals, sub-division hospitals, satellite hospitals, TB clinics, community health centres, primary health centres, and dispensaries.

Although similar directives were issued in 2017, their implementation gradually weakened over the years. Now, the health department has prioritized the enforcement of this measure. Five days ago, SMS Medical College made biometric attendance mandatory for its faculty members.

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