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COVID-19 Update: PM Modi To Hold a Meeting To Review The Country’s COVID-19 Situation on Thursday

As the COVID-19 cases have started rising again in the country and the threat of Omicron is looming over, the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) on Wednesday directed all district magistrates to ensure no Christmas and New Year gathering takes place in Delhi.

DDMA has ordered the district magistrates to identify areas where the spread of COVID-19 can be extremely high ahead of Christmas and New Year.

According to statistics on released on Wednesday, India detected 6,317 new coronavirus infections in the last 24 hours. The official data says that India has now 213 Omicron cases with most being reported from Delhi. While the total number of active cases remain at 78, 190, it is the COVID deaths that are increasingly concerning. As against 132 fatalities on Tuesday, India saw 317 people succumbing to coronavirus-related complications. Although the Centre had earlier said that Omicron is a mild variant it is changing it’s stance and is asking the states to activate war rooms. The local officials have been instructed to reinstate night curfews wherever necessary.

Source: The news has been published by The Financial Express with a few edits by the ArdorComm News Network Team.

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