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COVID-19 Update: Students Scared As Dozens Test Positive For The Virus After Reopening Of Schools

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The hasty decision of reopening schools results in the spread of the infection again increasing the risk of a third wave.

The states had the liberty of taking the decision to reopen schools based on the condition of the infections in their respective states. However, as the infections started subsiding, the hasty decision to reopen schools in several states is now proving to be a disaster for the country. 

Students who went to schools in several states have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus thereby increasing the risk of infections amongst the citizens yet again. 

While Haryana had opened schools for senior classes (Classes 9 to 12) from July 16 onwards, Punjab on August 2 went ahead and allowed all classes from pre-nursery to Class 12. The Himachal Pradesh government also opened schools for 9th to 12th standard students from August 2.

With ten more school children found positive in Anni subdivision of Kullu district in Himachal Pradesh on Tuesday, so far, a total of 62 children have contracted the virus in the state, after the government decided to reopen the schools.

Himachal Pradesh government has closed all the schools till the 22nd of August as a precautionary measure. The worst-hit places are the Kullu, Kangra and Shimla districts where crowds of tourists were witnessed recently.

In neighboring Punjab, 27 school children have been found Covid-19 positive. Out of a total of 27, 21 students alone were found in two Ludhiana schools which have been closed as a precautionary measure.

Haryana was first to open schools for the senior classes between Standard 9 to 12 from July 16. Six students who were studying in two Fatehabad schools were found to be Covid-19 positive last week. Earlier in March this year, 54 school children had tested positive in the Karnal district.

Himachal Pradesh and Punjab currently top the Covid-19 transmission rate in the country with the highest virus reproductive value of 1.3 each, which indicates rising infection trends and disease resurgence.

While the Himachal Pradesh government has already closed all educational institutions including schools till the 22nd of August, Haryana and Punjab are yet to take a call.

Source: The headline and the body have been published with a few edits by ArdorComm News Network while the rest of the news is from India Today.

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