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Defence Minister Rajnath Singh cautions against misuse of AI

Rajnath Singh, the minister of defence, has issued a warning against the improper use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications and stated that the nation needs to consider the potential risks associated with the new technology.

“We cannot stop the development of Artificial Intelligence nor should we make such an effort. But we also need to be careful about it. The bigger the change that any technology brings, the bigger and more serious is its transitional phase,” he said.

“Since AI is going to bring a massive change, it may bring legal, ethical, political and economic upheaval situations. We have to be prepared for that too,” he added.

At a first-of-its-kind conference on “Artificial Intelligence in Defence” hosted by the Defense Ministry, Singh introduced 75 products for the armed services that are powered by AI. He discussed the subject and stated that whenever a new technology is introduced, it takes time for society to adjust its political, social, and ethical standards.

“Artificial Intelligence should not be misused in any case. There is a need to work on AI with great care so that in the coming time, it does not get out of our own hands somewhere else,” he added.

However, the Minister stated to be a big optimist who likewise has an optimistic outlook on the development of AI. He claimed that numerous initiatives were being made to advance AI in defence.

He stated that new autonomous weapons and technologies have been developed so that we can hit their target and destroy the enemy’s establishments even without human control, when speaking about advanced artificial intelligence-driven applications in defence. He asserted that AI-enabled gadgets could manage vast amounts of data and were useful for improving soldier training.

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