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Delhi schools reopen for all classes with 50 pc capacity from today.

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The schools in Delhi resume for all classes with 50% limit from Monday after the COVID-19 pandemic turned out to be less serious. As per the Directorate of Education circular, heads of schools ought to guarantee that students go to the school only with parental consent. It is to guarantee that close to 50 percent of the students to be called to schools.
As the circular mentioned, the time table is to be made as per the capacity/occupancy limit of the classrooms/Labs following COVID appropriate behavior. Since the circumstance differs from one school to another, the school timetable might be stumbled to try not to swarm in the study halls and at the school’s fundamental passageway/leave door. The mid-day breaks may likewise be stumbled to abstain from swarming. The blended mode of teaching learning process (online and offline) ought to be proceeded, according to the circular.
Coronavirus Appropriate Behavior (CAB) ought to be completely continued in all schools, as indicated by the circular.
“District Administration should be requested to properly cordon off the area of the vaccination/ration distribution/ testing centres running in schools to prevent intermingling of students with persons visiting these centres. In case, it is not possible to segregate such centres from the school, the District Authorities may be requested to shift such centres to any other suitable location. Further, the District Administration may be requested not to deploy teachers in COVID duties as they will be required in teaching-learning activities,” the circular said. Schools in the national capital re-opened for classes IX to XII on September 1 after a drawn out conclusion because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Source: Hindustan Times

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