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Delhi University to offer paid internships to UG, PG students

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According to officials, the Delhi University will launch a paid internship programme for undergraduate and graduate students this academic year in an effort to deliver a comprehensive education in line with the National Education Policy (NEP).

According to VC Yogesh Singh, the goal of the Vice Chancellor Internship Scheme (VCIS) is to provide training in both soft and hard skills by combining cognitive knowledge with experiential learning.

All University of Delhi regular full-time students enrolled in any undergraduate or graduate course are eligible to apply for VCIS.

According to an official document, the internship would be offered all year round based on the needs of the Delhi University’s departments, centres, and institutes.

“The scheme is a unique experience in helping students broaden their mental faculties by learning skills and inculcating a sense of responsibility towards the university system.

“It is a method to intertwine holistic knowledge with the innovative avenues of earning while learning the nitty gritty of academics and administration,” Singh added.

The total intended number of interns in both categories is 200, and students will be chosen based on an interview.

VCIS facilitation at Delhi University falls within the purview of the Dean of Students’ Welfare’s office.

According to officials, the Vice Chancellor’s approval will be required before the number of interns may be reevaluated and recommended by DSW.

There would be a regular internship and a summer internship under VCIS.

A summer internship will be available throughout the eight-week break. It might be flexible for 15-20 hours a week. In the meantime, it said that a (regular) internship during the academic term may include flexible hours of 8 to 10 per week.

The summer intern will receive Rs. 10,000 per month in contrast to the normal intern’s striped of 5,000. Each fiscal year, the stipend will increase by 5%, it stated.

At the conclusion of the internship, the DSW will issue a certificate, along with an evaluation report from the relevant employing department, centres, and institutes.

According to the document, those who are interested must register online, and a properly submitted application will only be valid for six months.

The exact topics and areas of interest must be stated and indicated by interested students.

“Applicants may indicate three preferences of specific domain/areas of interest while applying for VCIS. The applicants must upload a letter of recommendation (LOR) and no objection certificate (NOC) from their head of the department of the college while applying for the internship,” the document mentioned.

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